SAPPHIRE CITY is producer/multi-instrumentalist Theresa Ambat and singer-songwriter Rosario Araceli. This Seattle-based alternative pop/RnB duo began as two friends writing music remotely during the pandemic and is now set to release their debut single, “GREEN LIGHT” across all streaming platforms on July 1, 2022.

SAPPHIRE CITY has only just made their stage debut but is already making huge waves in the local scene. The two lifelong musicians have found freedom in taking large departures, both sonically and lyrically, from their usual works. As Rosario pushes the boundaries of her songwriting to unapologetically provocative lyricism and Ariana Grande-esque vocal layering, Theresa ventures into larger-than-life pop production, lush with ear-catching instruments and glittering embellishments to house her RnB reminiscent chords. In this process, SAPPHIRE CITY has sharpened their craft with sleek aesthetics while refusing to compromise the vulnerability that drew them to music in the first place.